Valentines Day!

Valentines Day!

And then suddenly it was almost Valentines day!

I haven't seen these conversation hearts here in New Zealand since I was quite small, but I'm told they are still very popular overseas.

The printables are in four different sizes, and I've crossed them on two different paper sizes as well.  So they will print as intended in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
I printed mine on Epson heavy weight matt which is 167gsm (97lb), but you can use any medium weight craft paper.  Choose a high print standard to get a smooth finish.
The tiniest printies really need to be on a much lighter weight, perhaps even just on standard printer paper that is then glued to another sheet of the same.  It is a teeny weeny box and card or medium weight paper is a touch too thick to get a smooth finish on the glued edges.

Do you celebrate Valentines day in your house? 

You'll find a list of the different printables here

I do hope you enjoy crafting them, and I'd love to see pictures of what scenes you use them in.  Come and join our friendly group on facebook : crafting for ag and all dolls so you can share your creations. 

Posted: Wednesday 9 February 2022