Christmas Day 2021

Christmas Day 2021

Here I am, just after lunch on Christmas Day 2021, contemplating the year that is drawing to a close, listening to my almost fully grown kiddos laughing and playing with new devices in the lounge, and my mum pottering around with her Christmas gifts.  Its too hot for much else.

What an interesting journey it has been.  This year, much like the last, has been full of ups and downs, not just for us, but globally.

I have said hello to new friends.  Said goodbye to old ones.
I have laughed and cried.

But the biggest thing on my mind right now, is the enormous step that I am taking...right here, right now.
This website.
This blog.
Its the stepping through a new door, the beginning of a new adventure.

I hope you'll join me for it and have fun along side me!

Posted: Saturday 25 December 2021