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I have been creating miniatures in different scales for over 30 years, and the enjoyment has never waned. Nor has the fascination that I first felt as a small child being shown the minute details of my Uncle Petes hand built model boat "Jon", encouraged to keep trying through all my failures by my mum.

I take great pride in getting items as close to the correct size in each scale as I can.  Virtually everything I recreate on paper is done from an original that I own, and my personal collection totals many thousands of pieces.  I try not to use internet images so that pixel clarity and quality is maintained.  I digitally repair originals when it is needed.  I also create my own 'branded' range.

I'm a proud mama of two almost grown children, a clowder of rescue cats and a rowdy flock of (I've legit lost count of how many) rescue chickens.  I love being out in our garden, trying to be self sustaining where we can.
We are a family within the pride community, so some of our products have a donation factor where funds are collected on behalf of Rainbow Youth NZ.  These funds go towards assisting our young people in accessing gender affirming under clothing and mental health support.  If you would like to make a further donation for this purpose, please choose an option from our donations category.

Do you need something specific made in miniature like what I have featured?  A miniature version of a newspaper from the day someone special was born for example....I may be able to help, so please get in touch